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I am an artist practicing many different mediums. I began my own puppet performance in the early 1990’s in Philadelphia, PA, USA after spending some time on tour as a props artist and puppeteer with the opera 'Frida'. In the late 90’s, I directed the satiric adult puppet troupe, The Egg Family Puppet Show in Austin, Texas. In addition, and should we say 'for money',  I worked on operas, in theatre and film as a scenic artist and properties designer.

In 1999 I ran away with the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. Aside from my duties as Properties Manager and picking up essential circus skills such as juggling clubs and trying to get some sleep, I worked with my colleagues of the circus creating shows and presenting them in empty train wagons for the circus employees.


Several years later I took refuge in the Swiss Alps. I continued to create shows for adults, but also developed an interest in street theatre and children's productions.

In the last 20 years I have bounced between the east and west of the Atlantic ocean, producing shows for all ages and audiences. 

I have played my productions  in England, Andorra, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Russia-

and throughout the USA.

Why, it's me!

puppet film, puppet theatre, puppet opera, mask opera, costumes,

kid's programs, visual art-

and occasionally I clean the house. 

Kristin Hurst
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