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The following is my current repertoire of shows that I have written and built.

A street performance / all ages
y Kristin Hurst 

Hurstie sees a hat that she would LOVE to buy in a store window. But the price is way too much for what this poor street musician (and not a very good one at that) earns.

Hurstie takes on a series of odd jobs in order to raise enough money to buy the hat.

Will she succeed?

A mask show for children and families 


The Green Hat theatre company creates 

'wordless' theatre for families based on our technique of visual interpretation of music.

This is the trailer of our current show, HAT! 

more information about this company can be found at

Schatzie and Stanley lead a quiet life. Every day, Stanley works at the lighthouse. Everyday Schatzie sends Stanley cookies from their little cottage over to the lighthouse.  Then she practices piano.

Then he makes repairs. Then he calls for more cookies. Then she obliges.   It is a quiet routine.   It is their routine.

But one day Stanley’s sandwiches do not arrive. 


The routine broken. A mystery to solve.                       

Fish. Man. Woman. Giant fish.  

Ensuing chaos. 


a mask and puppet show written and performed by Kristin Hurst and Jack Dauner


A one-woman show with three ladies


The Trap is a delicious one-woman show about three women-  their disappointments, dreams and survival in a challenging world… 

The Trap is set to live jazz (piano) music, and is delicately accented with masks and puppetry.

A hand-puppet 
show / all ages

King Minos. The Minotaur. King Midas and his Gold Touch.

Echo and Narcissus. Daedalus and Icarus.

Some well-known Greek myths are enacted by a team of 14 puppets and 2 humans (and a half-human half-puppet) in this colorful and lively handpuppet show. Tasty bits, funny bits and certainly a few tragic bites make 

Not Too Close to the Sun a delicious

taster of these important tales.

 Not Too Close to the Sun

is available in French or English, and also in a simplified English version that can be used as an aid to

teaching English.


(texts for teachers available in advance in French/ English or German/ English)


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