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current projects

film in progress

Prelude on the Sea
(May 2023 release)

A mouse sets out to sea in hopes of finding meaning to his small life. When the sails push him in an unexpected direction, Aristotle finds himself facing a new set of circumstances.

What initially seems to be a mere question of survival becomes the answer to his quest.

(partially shot on location in Istria and Austria, the other half shot in my puppet studio!)

Photos coming soon!


one woman theater!

The Trap

The Trap is a one-woman comedy about two women and one spider- their disappointments, dreams and survival in a challenging world.

The Trap is set to original jazz music, and is intertwined with masks and puppetry that weave the audience into the story.

Kristin Hurst in The Trap

opera film

Toadette, the puppet opera

Toadette, the Puppet Opera is a puppet-animated film by Kristin Hurst and Jack Dauner. It’s unusual style of puppetry and incorporation of Burgenland scenery have earned this debut film project several prizes.

Toadette was composed by my son when he was 13. I wrote the libretto. When the corona virus provided us with a lot of time at home, we decided to adapt the music for a puppet film We then built the show and shot it in our attic. Some friends recorded the singing parts, and Jack programmed the orchestra.

Toadette Movie poster 2021

operetta in progress

Toadette is a comic operetta in one act with music by Jack Dauner and libretto by Kristin Hurst.

Previously produced as a puppet film, this tale of a passionate but forbidden love between a frog and a toad will now take the stage with live performances!

Toadette Mariella Hofbauer

street show

The Tin Cup

A street performance with puppets

Hurstie sees a hat that she would LOVE to buy in a store window. But the price is way too much for what this poor street musician (and not a very good one at that) earns.

Hurstie takes on a series of odd jobs in order to raise enough money to buy the hat.

Will she succeed?

The Tin Cup

children's theater


Masks and music illustrate this forest fantasy about friendship and loyalty

Big Fish

2 masked characters with 2 matching puppets and 1 hungry fish in this very funny and sweet tale

One More Cookie


Not too Close

to the Sun

Greek mythology presented with old-fashioned hand puppets and a witty sense of humour

children's videos 

thoughtful shows for kids

Bird's eye view

Bird's Eye View, The Disappearing Grapes, What Color is Water?,

I Miss You, and  more...

original video stories for ages 5 and up

Here's Jack and Abel!

LOGO April 20th TRANS SOFT SMALL with here's .png
The Bird Song

Bird Song 1 and 2, Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Firetruck!, The Leaf Song, and more! Join Jack and Abel on the piano for original and classic kid's songs!

for ages 3 and up

Puppet Shows for Kids

The Echo Machine, Da Vinci Days,  Fishing, and many more...

classic hand puppet shows with charming and insightful stories

for ages 6 and up

puppet film, puppet theatre, puppet opera, kid's programs, visual art 

Kristin Hurst
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