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Children's Theater

A Mask Performance for children ages 3-10 and their families!


HAT is a simple story about the themes of friendship-

joy, excitement, disappointment, forgiveness, love...


In place of words, HAT uses classical music to score its tale.

This helps young audiences to develop a visual connection to what they are hearing,  thus developing a familiarity with this enriching genre of music. 

The wordless yet energetic style of HAT renders it perfect for an international audience.




LANGUAGE:  No Spoken Language.

AGES:            HAT is perfect for ages 3-10, but can be enjoyed by any age.

STAGES:        regular stage, black out capability if possible. minimum 6.5 m w, 5 m d, 2.5 m h

TECHNICAL:  we can adapt to most situations. Minimum req. 1 power outlet and some lighting.

LENGTH:        full version about 50 minutes. Talk to us about your needs! We can organize an intermission.

TYPE OF SHOW:   Mask. Comical, Poetic, Musical

full rehearsal performance

puppet film, puppet theatre, puppet opera, mask opera, costumes,

kid's programs, visual art-

and occasionally I clean the house. 

Kristin Hurst
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