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One More Cookie

Children's Theater

Schatzie and Stanley lead a quiet life. Every day, Stanley boats to the lighthouse and does some maintenance work. Everyday Schatzie sends Stanley sandwiches from their little cottage over to the lighthouse.  She practices piano.

He makes repairs.    He calls for more sandwiches.    She obliges.   It is a quiet routine.   It is their routine.


But one day Stanley’s sandwiches do not arrive!!!             

Schatzie is sure she sent them… Where did they go?


The routine broken.    A mystery to solve      

ensuing chaos.                             A GIANT fish        

                a hungry man          a nimble-fingered woman…

The Essentials

AGES:  perfect for EVERY AGE, best ages 3-10


STAGES: Minimum. 5W. 4D. 2.5H, dark space

SET-UP 1 hour

TEAR-DOWN  1 hour

TECHNICAL please contact us. We can adapt to most situations.

LENGTH:  50 minutes. Talk to us about your needs! We can organize an intermission or after-show talk.

TYPE OF SHOW:   Mask. Puppets. Comical, Poetic, Musical, FUN!

'This show was really fun- and because there was no speaking, it was also perfect for our international audience! Great music too! Thanks!'

Luic, after-school program coordinator, Geneva

puppet film, puppet theatre, puppet opera, mask opera, costumes,

kid's programs, visual art-

and occasionally I clean the house. 

Kristin Hurst
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