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Not too Close to the Sun

Children's Theater

King Minos. The Minotaur. King Midas and his Gold Touch.

Echo and Narcissus. Daedalus and Icarus.

Some well-known Greek myths are enacted by a team of 14 puppets and 2 humans (and a half-human half-puppet) in this colorful and lively handpuppet show. Tasty bits, funny bits and certainly a few tragic bites make 

Not Too Close to the Sun a delicious

taster of these important tales.

 Not Too Close to the Sun

is available in French or English, and

also in a simplified English version

that can be used as an aid to

teaching English.

(texts for teachers available in advance in French/ English or German/ English)


AGES:           5 and up

LANGUAGE: English, English intermediate (for students), French

STAGES:      Minimum 4W, 3D, 2.5H, dark space preferable

TECHNICAL Requires 1 power outlet

LENGTH:      50 minutes.

SET-UP and TEAR-DOWN : maximum 1 hour

TYPE OF SHOW: Hand puppet, Comical, Educational

puppet film, puppet theatre, puppet opera, mask opera, costumes,

kid's programs, visual art-

and occasionally I clean the house. 

Kristin Hurst
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