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The Trap

One-Woman Adult Theatre at its finest

Escavana Radiante. Actress.        Escavana could light up a stage with her smile, but her heart was dark.  She could never forget her first love, Antonio, not through her career, and  not through the many back stage dates. The casting couch of Escavana’s youth had long since been reupholstered- only Escavana lay there, alone...aging... alone in her trap.

Carrot. Cleaning Lady.  Carrot’s marriage was a failure, and her disappointment

was heavy-a heavy stone in her heart, anchoring her to a life of the doldrums.

But her losing battle on fighting dirt… and fighting to be loved, would not get the best of her! She would not be trapped.


Lily. Spider.     Lily had no need for such human follies as love or lust.  Life depended on survival and there was no need to make it more complicated then that. Lily felt certainly reproduction played a part, but there was no need to make such a fuss about it.

The time came, it happened, and then he could go on his way… if he was quick about it. Better not to get trapped by feelings...

The Trap is a one-woman show about three women, their disappointments, dreams and survival in a challenging world… 

The Trap is set to live jazz (piano) music, and is delicately accented with masks and puppetry.


RUNNING TIME:   1 hour. Can be extended or shortened by 10 minutes if necessary.


AGES:  Mature audiences, but nothing offensive if the babysitter can’t make it.


STYLE:  mask, mime, puppet, clown

LANGUAGE:  English


STAGE:  a dark space, min. 2.5 meters height, 3 meters deep, 3 meters wide


SET UP:  1 hour 

TEAR DOWN:  1 hour


Performers: 1 actress, 1 pianist

Technicians: 1



Can provide my own sound system, or use in-house system. We use 1 keyboard and 1 MP3 player.

Light plot is adaptable to all situations. I provide my own specials.

puppet film, puppet theatre, puppet opera, kid's programs, visual art 

Kristin Hurst
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